Not always fashionable.

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My life isn’t perfect, and I don’t try to make it out to be that way. I am not always fashionable, when i’m home you’ll often find me in over sized t-shirts and leggings. I care way too much about what other people think of me. I struggle with my mental health almost daily. I love that my cat is so snugly but I dislike living so far away from my family. I don’t drive, I don’t smoke and I hardly ever drink.


I have more shoes then I know what to do with. I come from a family of accountants, but I suck at maths. Having dark hair makes me feel sad. I love reading paranormal romance novels. I am suck at being a good friend because I suck at communicating. I like my own space. Oysters & Orange juice are 2 of my favourite things.


It took me way too long to learn to tell the time on an analog clock. Sometimes I think this blog is one of the main things that has kept me sane, having an outlet to create. I miss rollerblading and bike riding. My favourite colour is pink.

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