What’s in my bag?

I LOVE ‘What’s in my bag posts’. I was brought up being taught never to go into someones handbag, so I’m always super inquisitive as to what other people keep in theirs. You can see my previous posts HERE.

First up, my handbag, isn’t it gorgeous! I get so many compliments. This is my 2nd Iron Fist handbag, you can see my first HERE. I’ve been wanting to pick up another IF bag since my last one died a sad death after being over used for over a year, but, well, I can be rather cheap & I just could never justify spending over $50 on a bag.

Then my last bag broke after only 3 times use, and I couldn’t find a bag I really liked, so I caved and picked this beauty up from Trash Monkey. I honestly still feel a little bad for spending so much money on a bag, but if it holds up like my last one, I know it will be worth it in the long run.


So here is generally what’s in my bag!

My iPad! It’s in a cheap eBay cover, which has a Doctor Who sticker I picked up off of RedBubble. My purse. Pens. Business card holder. Movie tickets from Iron Man 3. A pair of glasses. Straws. My phone. A notepad. Headphones. My make up bag.


Ten is my favourite Doctor, in case you couldn’t tell already 😛 I’m one of those people who tend to name things, and my iPad actually has a Whovian name, so I thought it only fitting.


The nifty make up purse I use is from Serephim Clothing. It, along with a couple of things in it were included in the gift bag for the last PSFWA. I love it! It keeps all the little fiddly bits in one place, instead of the bottom of my bag, and it’s such a great size.


Tissues. Lip gloss/Mascara. Hair clips, ties & bobby pinks. Band aids  Spare lip rings. Hair brush/mirror. Mints. USB. TS14+ Nail Files. Lip gloss. Pain Killers. My head meds. Toothpicks. Pads.


Have you done a “What’s in my bag” post?

Make sure you link me so I can check it out!