G-Star Raw Store Opening


Last night I was invited along to the Grand Opening of the newest G-Star store at Castle Towers.

If i’m being honest, I’d never heard of G-Star before this event, but I’m always willing to broaden my horizon and am super glad I went.  While most of the items are out of my normal price range, I can’t fault the price for the quality of the garments. The fabrics alone had me oohing and ahhhing.

The Best Things

  1. COLLARS – I think collars are often over looked and under appreciated. A great collar can make an item of clothing and I have to say that G-Star Raw have top quality collars. I know it’s such a random thing to take note of, but you can see they’ve really put some thought into their designs.
  2. FIT – While I wouldn’t fit into the vast majority of the clothing, I have to say something about the tailoring of the clothing. The jackets, be it for men or women, have a great sleek style that are tailored for a great fit. No baggy excess. This does however make for a smaller fit.
  3. HARDWEAR – I love that they haven’t just slapped on a buckle to everything. Different designs have different kinds of clasps. Zippers, press studs, toggles, rivets,
  4. FABRIC – Leather, Wool, Twill, Nylon, & denim. Gorgeous, gorgeous, denim!
  5. THE JEANS – I’ve only recently started wearing denim. If these jeans were available in my size, I doubt I’d be wearing anything else. The styles & cuts of these are fantabulous and ultra trendy. Distressed, skinny, tapered, a great variety. I love the paneling on a few of the pairs!

Other Thoughts!

  • THE STAFF – I just need to say the staff working last night were amazing. I can’t stress how much great service makes shopping that much more enjoyable & makes me want to spend money. They were helpful, chatty, but not bothersome! Thank you to everyone who helped me with my picks!
  • SIZING – As I mentioned, sizing runs a little small. Mens sizing run from S-XXL and Ladies XS-L. Some of the ladies jumpers have stretch and would have fit me. Also, don’t be scared to shop the men’s section! You can find amazing things, don’t be scared ever to wear men’s clothing!
Staff & Miss Universe 2008 Laura Dundovic rocking some G-Star Raw clothing. (She had the most amazing handbag!)
Staff cutting the giant denim ribbon!
 Was in love with this belt. I fell in love with the yellow range they had. This belt was a skinny almost mustard yellow with a super cute buckle.
Quick pic when I got home. I picked up the amazing scarf, as well as a jacket for a friend (It’s sort of a surprise, so i’ll probably show pictures of it later!)
Huge thanks to Caitlin for being an amazing friend and bringing me along, as well as Thom from Niche, for being awesome.
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