Weekly Wishlist!

 One thing I do wish for, is a bigger selection of great plus size clothing within Australia. I adore City Chic & stores like K-Mart & Big W are slowly catching on that trendy plus size clothing sells, call my greedy, but I want more!

I’m loving the ASOS Curve range. Nearly every item I would wear. Though the conversion rate to AU$ is crazy, shipping is a really great price. I also rather like some of Torrid’s stuff. The conversion to US$ is a hell of a lot better, but shipping is crazy. I can’t seem to win!

Anyway, after that little rant.. here is my weekly wishlist!

  • ASOS CURVE – Printed Dip Side Vest – £28.00 ($47au)
  • ASOS CURVE – Frill Sleeve Fitted Waist Dress – £35.00 ($58au)
  • ASOS CURVE – Draped Slinky Jersey Dress – £38.00 ($63au)
  • NEW LOOK – Stud Shoulder Cardiagn – £20.00 ($34au)
  • DESIGN BY HUMANS – Dino Frenzy – $21us ($24au)
  • NEW LOOK – Unlinded Lace Sweater – £16.00 ($27au)
  • SPORTSGIRL – Tulle Floopy Bow – $19.95au
  • SPORTSGIRL – Love Heart Bow Headband – $9.95au