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OOTD – Sunday Outing.

March 27, 2011

Yes, i’m still on the quest to find the best way to wear this skirt. See here & here. Anyway, today Adam had a work function breakfast thingy, which was held close to Adelaide City in Bonython Park. The breakfast was good, pancakes or sausage sizzle. Yummy. We then headed off & spent a few hours window shopping in the city.

I got Adam to snap a few pictures of my outfit. I’ve been behind as I’ve been under the weather & having fun with my friend Jess who is crashing at our place for a couple of weeks. I was super excited when I noticed the horses! The park backs up on to the Police Barracks where they house the horses, they as so gorgeous!

I trimmed and painted my nails the other day, it’s still such fun finally having long nails! I only stopped biting them teh end of last year! This is cheap blue glitter nail polish layered over a cheap matte black. I like how they turned out!

I’m loving my hair colour at the moment. It’s Raspberry Beret, by Fudge. I’d never coloured my hair this colour before & boy was it messy! However, I dyed this at the start of the month & it’s still vibrant! I’ve not had to top up the colour at all.

Sorry for the faceless picture, I was mind speaking & blinking 😛

  • TOP – Kmart
  • JACKET – City Chic
  • SKIRT – Asos Curve
  • SHOES –  via BrandsExclusive


  • Kim

    I love your outfit! And your hair is awesome! I miss having pink hair, but I think I’m too old for it now 🙂

  • Hello! It’s so nice to see someone on this side of the world who has great fashion! I am currently in NZ and I can’t find anyone who is somewhat similar to me (who likes fashion and a plus size girl)! I would love some shopping tips, I’m originally from the states, so I have no clue where to shop for clothes around here. I realize that Australia and New Zealand is different but I believe there are some companies that are the same! I would love some suggestions! thanks

  • Pixie

    I like this way of wearing your skirt, it looks really nice 🙂

  • Sarah

    Your outfit is pretty much made of awesome! Wow, your hair colour is still so vibrant. I’ll have to look into that colour. Mine fades from dark pink to light so quickly. Also, you are never too old for pink hair!!

  • i love this skirt so much! and your nail polish is fantastic.

  • You look so cute, love the leo skirt!!! 😀 and nice nail polish, I like it. Wish I could paint my nails more…stupid work won’t allow it 🙁 oh well…:)

  • Anonymous

    This outfit looks totally hot, and I’m loving your layering! That ASOS skirt is seriously gorgeous.
    You’re looking confident and happy! love it!


  • Meg at Sewing Pixie

    You look so awesome! This outfit works and is hot. I love the nailpolish, too, and your watch!

  • Ashe Mischief

    Every time I see you in that skirt I wish I had picked it up myself! Ugh, you’re so cute in it 😉

  • Aw! Thank you sweety! I’m finding it great for the in between weather as it’s a really light weight skirt!

  • Thank you! I love my watch, my friend got it for me, it’s from Australian stationary store Smiggle & it’s actually a slap band! So much fun!!

  • I certainly layered! I had a singlet on underneath it all as well! 😛 I felt really good that day actually. I wasn’t sure if the outfit worked at first as it was such a snug fitting outfit, but I got complimented on it a few times!

  • Ah, really? That would suck! My main incentive to stop biting my nails was that I could paint them up pretty!

  • Thanks sweety!

  • I usually use Fudge in Pretty Flamingo & by now it would have faded to a really light pink. With this colour, it was darker when I first dyed it, but it’s still so so bright! I love that I don’t have to dye it all the time!

  • Thank you!

  • Hey! Thank you! I’ve never been to New Zealand, so i’m not sur if we have all the same stores but some of my favourites are –

    Kmart (They do have a plus size section which has some good everyday items)
    Target – has some good stuff now & then.
    Best & Less – Has a great range called Lily & Lou, also great for underwear.
    City Chic (citychic.com.au)
    Crossroads (crossroads.com.au)

    I also tend to buy some stuff online from overseas. I love asos.co.uk, plus they have free shipping to AU & NZ!!

  • I think this is a good way to wear the skirt! It looks good enough to wear it for formal functions. And I always thought leopard was “fun”.

  • Fatheffalump

    Looks great with black tights and black top. Might have to yoink that for inspiration!

  • Fatheffalump

    Looks great with black tights and black top. Might have to yoink that for inspiration!

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