Just a note…

Updates & comments may be few & far between for the moment. I got the call on Tuesday night that my Grandmother was in hospital and not doing well. I flew into Sydney on Thursday & I’m currently not sure as to when I’ll be back home. I have limited access to the Internet at the moment.

My Nan, whom I often refer to as ‘Grand-ma-ma’ is in her 90’s, she’s currently got double pnemonia & the hospital has basically advised us that there is nothing they can do for her, except try and keep her comfortable. I went and visited as soon as I arrived & didn’t expect her to be in such a bad condition. It really is heartbreaking.

She’s my last Grandparent alive, and she’s the one I’ve been most close to. My other Grandparents lived a few hours away, but Nan lived closer. She lived with my parents & I for the last 10 years, so she’s always been a constant figure in my life. I understand it’s life, it happens. It doesn’t make the thought of losing her hurt any less. I love her so much & it will always hurt to lose a loved one.

If you could keep her in your thoughts, just to hope she’s not in pain, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks.