In the dressing room – Myer


First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a wonderful night! I certainly did. Secondly, this post may be considered NOT SAFE FOR WORK, as I am just wearing a bra as a top in a few pictures. Just thought i’d warn you!

I ducked into Myer Chadstone on Wednesday to see what stock they had and if they had any awesome sale scores. I often find Myer hit or miss with clothing, but I know at least the Chadstone store offers a good variety of Plus Size Brands. As usual it’s just seeing if there is any stock that I personally like, and in a size that fits. As it was sale time, sizing was a bit more limited and clothing really was all over the place.myer-inthedressingroom002

I feel SUPER HARD for this Estelle dress. I’m not usually a fan of deep green, but this dress was seriously HEAVEN! The detail on the neckpiece was gorgeous and I loved the back clousure. It had a matching thin tie that you could tie around your waist to give you definition if you wanted. I tried on the 18 in this and it was still roomy where it was fitted under the arms.
FIND ITEstelle Helsinki Dress
PRICE – was $189.00 now $132.30
BOUGHT? – Nope, it sadly wasn’t in my budget, but if I had the money, I would have bought it.

This skirt was another Estelle number. The shimmer in the material was what caught my eye, and guess what, IT HAS POCKETS! I tried this on in the size 18 and it fit pretty snug around my waist, I probably would have tried on a size up if I could, but the zipper and button closure closed without problem.
FIND IT – Doesn’t seem to be online, sorry! Check out your local Myer.
PRICE – I don’t know the original price, but it was down to $50
BOUGHT? – Nope.

When I spotted this skirt on the rack, I thought maybe someone had put a straight sized item in the wrong section. But when I picked it up, I was super excited to see it was a Piper Woman! I scrambled through the sized and tried on the size 20. This skirt is amazing, the cut is different, the colours are vibrant and fun. Plus, it’s super comfy!!

FIND ITPiper Woman Citrus Print Skirt
PRICE – was $99.95 now $49
BOUGHT? – YES! I couldn’t resist! Watch out for and outfit post soon!myer-inthedressingroom005

I was super excited to see some 17 Sundays stock in store! I LOVE 17 Sundays so much. They didn’t have to many mid range sizes on the racks, I think due to the sales, but as I was heading into the change rooms, they have THE JACKET and the pants I’ve been lusting over on the ‘return to floor’ racks. I was hoping that the Varsity Tee & LA Afterglow Tee would be in store as they are high on my WANTlist, but they must have been snapped up in the sale.
THE JACKET – Oh man, it feels like I’ve had heart eyes for this thing for YEARS. I’ve seen it on so many of my blogging buddies, and it looks good on everyone. How does a jacket do that? Anyway, this was the first time I got to try one on, and to be honest, I almost got teary having to take it off. (Yep, i’m a weirdo!) This was a size 20.
FIND IT17 Sundays Take Me Away Jacket
PRICE – $159
BOUGHT? – Sadly no, but it’s on my *I must own this* list!

JEANS – I have a love/hate affair with any kind of pants. Being an apple shape, I find it hard to find pants that fit and look good on me. I desperatly wanted these to suit me, but I think I’m too short for them. Boo! They are super comfy and I love the drawstring eleasticated waist, and I loved the distressing/shredding. Whhhy can’t I find a pair of pants that I like!? I tried these on in the 20.
FIND IT – 17 Sundays Slouch Denim – Not online, check out your local Myer.
PRICE – *I THINK* they were $180ish?
BOUGHT? – Nope.


Which one is your favourite?