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Eclipse Q&A

I’m back home in Adelaide. I brought back a bad cold with me too! Argh, damn Sydney weather!

Signed pass, inside the venue - the stage, Kristen & Taylor.

To be honest, I was rather disappointed with this event. It was badly run and just chaos. I guess I’m used to the high caliber of the conventions I attend, but this was pretty crazy. The 30 minute Q&A actually was more like 15 minutes, the rest filled with clips. I found Kristen Stewart all sorts of adorable, I think it’s the fact that she is very awkward. She very much comes across as an introvert, just wanting to act. Taylor is vibrant and full of energy. Having met him before, as well as spending a whole weekend with him, that is no surprise to me.

Outside Crowd - Kristen & Taylor Signing

That first image of Taylor is when he looked up and noticed my boss. It was one of the most real smiles that lit up his face and he yelled out “How are you” very excitedly!

The weather was CRAZY. I can’t believe people had lined up since 9am when gates didn’t open til 5pm! First picture is of us on the water taxi. A few of us spent the night at the Star City Casino, so we caught a water taxi across the harbour to Luna Park. You could hardly see the Harbour Bridge through the rain! Last picture is of me and the amazing Kristen StewartGemma. She’s so tiny & we realised she was wearing something similar to what KStew would wear.

The crew minus Rissa. Left to Right - Rand, Me, Darren, Jemma & Meg.

Kristen didn’t disappoint me with the fashion. When she first walked on stage all I thought was “OMG LEGS”. I think I have a soft spot for her legs, they are just so long! This is an outfit I would wear, I am in love with that yellow skirt! I love the slight bustle at the back. I think that pairing it with a plain top works great. Those shoes would have killed me within 2 minutes of putting them on!

Kristen wore –

  • Jenni Kayne Spring 2010 RTW skirt.
  • Market Bridgette scoop neck tee.
  • Sergio Rossi black leather lace-up ankle booties.