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    A to Z of me!

    Stolen from Meg’s Ragged Edge & Kittenbear A. AGE: 25. B. BED SIZE: Queen C. CHORE THAT YOU HATE: Hanging washing on the line & doing the dishes. D. DOGS: Love them! I have a 9 year old dauchaund x mini foxie called Frodo! E. ESSENTIAL START TO YOUR DAY: Cold drink. F. FAVOURITE COLOUR: I have to pick just one!? Pink. G. GOLD OR SILVER: Silver all the way. H. HEIGHT: 5’5″ish I think. I. INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY: Keyboard/Piano. Used to play a little bit of Bass, but I remember nothing now. J. JOB TITLE: Freelance Graphic & Web Designer. Blogger. K. KIDS: My little man beast Mr Frodo. None of the human…

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    National Tree Day!

    I love trees! I love nature, I love animals. I didn’t get the name Natatree for hating trees. I got it from hugging trees! The environment is something we need to look after. National Tree day started in 2006, last year, 280,000 volunteers planted more than 1.25 million native trees, shrubs and grasses at over 3,700 sites nationwide! How amazing is that!? NATIONAL TREE DAY – Sunday 31 July SCHOOLS TREE DAY – Friday 29 July HOW YOU CAN HELP!