Lustlist – Revisiting ‘Yours Clothing’

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked out the Yours site, and honestly, I don’t know why. I have a few pieces from them that I LOVE and wear often. They’ve stepped up their colour game! So many amazing basics in bright colours! I often get frustrated at lack of colour in plus size clothing, but if you are looking for some great coloured items to pop into your wardrobe, check Yours out!


Other items of note – Lace trimmed bike shorts in Black & White, perfect to prevent chub rub. A parka in bright colours, I’m not sure if I like the pink or mint more! Sequined leggings! Oh, and don’t forget the lingerie!!

NOTE: Sometimes I feel I need to state in posts like these, that NO, this is NOT SPONSORED. I just wanted to share the awesomeness with you!