Life Lately – One week left


Today marks one week left in Melbourne. I don’t want to go back to Sydney. I don’t even feel like I can call it ‘home’ anymore. Melbourne just feels so right. I love that I can get out and have lunch with friends, or go explore the local shops. Catch buses, trains, trams, without anxiety. It’s a pretty magical feeling to be able to get out and do things that so many people often take for granted.


I have managed to come down with a horrid flu thing. The doctor has given me a whole range to things to try and stop me hacking up my lungs. I had a temperature of 39.1! I don’t remember the last time I felt this horrid, and I’m fed up of coughing. And phlegm. Don’t even get me started on that. It’s true, when I’m sick, I turn into the biggest sook ever.


I’ve been trying a whole range of new foods whilst here. One thing about Melbourne is that it’s full of cafes. I don’t understand how they serve their cakes, I can NEVER eat the full amount they plate up, and often take home a ‘doggy bag’. I mean, one piece of cake I got from a cafe the other day took me 4 servings to eat it all. I tried Hero Subs the other day, and it was sooo good! In all honesty, the thing that caught my attention was that they had a sub called #KanyesRevenge.


So for now, i’m resting up, trying to kick this flu’s butt, snuggling with my man, and looking forward to giving my cat HUGE hugs when I get home to Sydney.

What’s new with you?