Lustlist – Monochrome


Wittner – Cleopatra$129.95 Loving these! T bar, flat and sparkly! YES PLEASE!

Forever21+ – Crazy Bones Leggings – $11.80 These remind me of the Jeremy Scott collection from years ago. I do love me some good bone print!

Dorothy Perkins – Black and ivory skater dress – £28.00 I noticed whilst organising my wardrobe the other day that a lot of white has made its way into it. I’m really loving the monochrome trend and the cut of this dress.

ASOS – Quilt Bag With Rabbit Ears – $32.62 Do I have to explain? A bag, with rabbit ears! Only problem is it won’t fit my iPad 😛

Forever21+ – Daring Faux Leather Dress – $24.80 I love this, I just keep thinking it may get a little hot & sweaty for Australian summers!

Dorothy Perkins – DP Collection Quilted wrap mini skirt – £28.00 I’ve been wanting a suilted (& an oragami) skirt in my size, but couldn’t find one. I was quite surprised when I came across one at DP!

Zu – Stomper in White – $130 $50 I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been really drawn to white shoes. I remember when I was around 13 my favourite pair of shoes were white. I just keep thinking they will be a bitch to keep clean. These cut out boots from Zu are just gorgeous though!

Tony Bianco – Hammer –  $199.95 $80 I know, I know, it’s coming into summer and I don’t need boots, but I’m still so drawn to them. I’ve been so in love with cut out boots, but haven’t bought any yet. I’ve been waiting for them to go on sale, and wa-hey, these are on super sale!