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To dye, or not to dye?


I love colourful hair. If you’re only new to the blog, you will only know me as having this brown/blonde ombre hair colour, but before that, it’s been all sorts of colours. From the age of around 13, I’ve been dying my hair. When I first watched the film clip for No Doubts “Ex-Girlfriend” and saw Gwen rocking bright pink braids, I knew that one day I would have pink hair.


My current colour is the most natural colour i’ve probably had in 10 years, and the fact that it’s been the same colour for around 8 months is, well, pretty crazy for me. I went away on holidays with Aqua hair, and came back blonde. I never ever thought i’d be a blonde, but it didn’t look as bad as I imagined, so I decided to keep it for awhile. 8 months later, here I am. However, I’m missing my coloured hair more and more by the day.


People would often ask me “Why do you colour your hair?“. I think I surpirsed most people when I’d often say “because it’s pretty“. It’s not some political statement, some crazy rebellion. To me, pink hair is more my “natural” hair colour then the one I was born with. Pink is my ‘go to’ hair colour, when I look at myself in the mirror and see myself with pink hair, it feels right.

hairzsIt’s hard work though and damaging to your hair. While the coloured dye is a vegetable dye and perfectly fine for your hair, to get the brightest results, I have to bleach my first, which dries it out. My hair is in the best shape it’s been in for ages, plus the longest. Oh! Not to mention, its expensive. My favourite brand (Special Effects) costs around $30 a bottle, and remember, this is a wash out colour. I used to have to re-dye or touch up the colour every 2 weeks.


But oh I have the itch, the craving, the need to add some colour to my hair. Maybe instead of asking if I should dye my hair, I should ask…

How should I dye my hair?