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Aussie Curves – Tee


This weeks Aussie Curves theme is Tee. For someone who isn’t the typical “Jeans & Tee” wearer, I actually have a lot of tees. They are my ‘go to’ bum around the house/ sleep outfit.aussiecurves-tee-002

Oh yeah! Rocking my Five tee! What can I say, still to this day, I can’t help but confess my love of Five. They were THE boyband I LOVED in my teens. I’m talking the whole crazy fangirl thing. My room had posters on the walls AND ceilings, I had all the albums and singles, and of course I was going to grow up, move to the UK and marry Ritchie.


These days, I still love the music, its catchy, and reminds me of my ‘youth’. I may have morphed into my 13 year old self and ran around screaming when I bought tickets to see them live in Sydney in November, 13 years AFTER I last watched them perform live. I have warned my friend that I may cry, but that’s okay, she may just join me, and we will cling to each other and sob as we sing & dance along to “Everybody Get Up“.

Ahem. Moving along….


Tee – Five Tour in 2000 | Skirt – ASOS (similar) | Belt – Dorothy Perkins 
Assorted bangles – City Chic | Shoes – ASOS

aussiecurvesnat disc02