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ASOS Curve Sale Gimmie Gimmie!


Salon Prom Dress In Lace – $135.90  – NOW $81.54 – This dress is just, AMAZING! It’s my current ‘dream’ piece, but even at the discounted rate it doesn’t quite fit within the rules I set for myself. (Don’t spend over $50max on trend colours)

Maxi Dress In Dark Based Floral – $117.78 – $35.33 – I love the print on this dress, and the fact that it’s sheer with only a half slip underneath, and big splits up the side. The only reason why this dress isn’t mine is i’m not sold on the neckline.

Skater Dress In Summer Blurred Floral – $81.54 – NOW $57.08 – This dress however is colours that I always wears. This went straight into my saved items list when it hit the site. I love pretty florals and it will be great for the upcoming summer!

Maxi Dress In Crochet Lace – $76.10 – NOW $45.30 – My inner teen goth is dyyyying over this whole outfit.

Wrap Dress in New Feather Print – $81.54 – NOW $57.08 – Colourful, tick. Sleeves, tick. WANT, yes!


Denim Dungaree Dress In Acid Wash – $72.48 – NOW $43.49 – I admit, I’m loving overalls being in. When I was in highschool, I would often break the uniform rules and wear my favourite pair of overalls, but with belted at the waist and just hanging down, not worn with the vest part. I thought I was cool. Ever since seeing Lucy in hers, i’ve been dreaming up ways to wear this!

Bodycon Mini Dress In Egyptian Print – $32.62 – NOW $22.65 – Asos do great bodycon dresses, this one caught my eye from the moment in came online, while its not a colour I normally would go for, I keep getting drawn to it.

Exclusive Shirt In Chevron Stripe – $65.23 – NOW $38.96 – Mint chevron! I kind of want cushions in this material please! Or bed linen!

Exclusive T-Shirt With Smart Duckling – $28.99 – NOW $14.50 – I’m not a big t-shirt wearing, but OMG! HOW CUTE IS THIS ONE! This is one tee I know i’d wear. I’d also name the duck, something like Fernando or Javier!

Have you snapped up any bargains in the sale!?!

All prices are correct at time of posting, but may change.