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A new puppy!


On Saturday we welcomed a new member into the family! A little boy, yet to have a final name confirmation. It was Jimmy, but due to a few circumstances, Mum’s decided to change it. She just hasn’t found the right one yet. Yep, it’s another Cavi! Mum does seem to love the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

I was really surprised when Mum mentioned she was thinking of getting a puppy. After Emily passed away, I didn’t really think Mum would get another dog, let alone a puppy. This little dude, yep, a male, is about 4 months old, so not a young puppy, but oh how I had forgotten how joyous a puppy can be!


Both Emily & Betsy¬†were through rescue and had lived very hard lives. Emily opened up slowly, but was always a very shy, timid and withdrawn dog. Betsy, is opened up more and more, she’s feeling comfortable enough to show off a fun and dorky personality. It’s amazing how a safe and secure environment can change an animal.

With a puppy though, especially one who’s been brought into the world well, loved and cared for, is just simply a little ball of joy. He hasn’t seen the hard things that can happen to a dog. He is open to all the love and just so trustworthy. This little fellow is SO affectionate. Kisses, kisses, let me climb all over you and give you even more kisses!


The other animals are doing well. Puppy came from a house full of cats, so he fell in love with Tonka and has been trying to play with him. Tonka is doing well, not quite used to the attention, but tries to play for a bit with him. I’m so glad Tonka is a cat that seems to love everyone.

Betsy snuck in to lay with him in the bathroom earlier tonight. She’s been ignoring him a little, but is showing interest. Frodo and him seem to be pretty good. Frodo pays him attention when it suits him, and has been wanting to play fetch more then usual. Though he decided to bring the toy over to puppy today. I think Frodo may find a tug-of-war buddy eventually.


So, any suggestions for names!?