What’s really in my bag?

My bag is an utter mess at the moment, so I figured I should take a few minutes to clean it out, toss out what’s not needed and add back in the things I’ve taken out  not replaced. I thought i’d show you what i’ve been lugging around with me at the moment. You can check out my previous ‘Whats in my bag’ posts HERE.

WOAH, mess! I know i’m not the only one who loves these kinds of posts. Growing up, I was always taught to never go into someone elses bag, so I think it’s just this curiosity to see “ohhh, what does she carry that I could!?”
I’ve actually had a lot of compliments on this bag, it was a spur of the moment addition to my cart a while ago at ASOS, it was on sale for like $15! Such a great buy, it holds SO much and is very sturdy!

CLOCKWISE: Umbrella | Wallet | Laybys, vouchers & coins | Camera, Medication & Mints | Cardholders & gloves | Make up | Phone | Headphones | Random reciepts & cards | Keys | Deoderant and pens | tissues.

What do you carry in your bag!?