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Welcoming Betsy!

I’d like to take a moment to introduce everyone to the newest member of our family, Betsy! My parents adopted their dog Emily nearly 3 years ago. She came to my parents scared, timid and in bad condition. She needed teeth removed, her coat tended too and a great deal of love. She was a breeder dog and once used up, was sent off for adoption. I’m so thankful my parents found her and nurtured her. Sadly, she isn’t the healthiest of dogs, like a lot of Cavis, she has heart problems.

Emily and Betsy, on Mums lap in the car on the way home.

Emily is a different dog around other Cavaliers, while she’s best mates with Frodo, she just lights up around the same breed. We suspect she wasn’t properly weaned off all her puppies, and after talking to the vet, my parents decided to look into getting a friend for her. So Mum and I set off looking at rescue sites for another Cavi. We found a cute little tri-colour boy who my Mum put in a form for, only to find he’d been adopted. Mum emailed back explaining the circumstances and about a week later was notified they would be getting in a new cavi soon. Skip forward another couple of weeks, and we put Emmy in the car and headed off for her to meet her possible new sister!

We took her home that day, and she’s been settling in the past few days. Like Emily, she’s very scared and timid. She doesn’t like being patted under the chin, she cowers so easily. I hate seeing animals so fearful. She’s also been de-barked. She’s getting along with the other animals. She loves cuddling up with Emily & tends to just ignore Tonka. She has growled a couple of times at Frodo, but we suspect it’s just due to him being male. She’s apparently a blue ribbon champion too!

Frodo, Emily & Betsy

It will be good for Emily too, because once I finally move into #thedarlingden, Frodo will be spending the majority of his time in with me. She now has a friend to keep her company and to mother.

We adopted Betsy from Save our Strays, and you find info on how to donate to them HERE.