OOTD: Crazy

This is a bit of a crazy outfit, what can I say, sometimes I just embrace my eclectic side. Getting dressed that morning I decided to wear to pink, and seeing as I was staying home, I decided I could break the ‘leggings as pants’ rule. I mean, it would only be my parents seeing me, oh and of course everyone who reads my blog! 😛

I was having a day where I just wasn’t feeling ‘myself’. A bit down in the dumps and unsure of everything. Moving, men, and menstrual cramps are to blame. So, I decided to put on some make up. Don’t ask what’s up with my hair, I don’t know.

You may have noticed I don’t wear white, well, not very often. When I stumbled across this top at Big W, I couldn’t resist. A cute dog in pink glasses, for $12! YES! I only wish my matching pink Jono Hennessy glasses weren’t at the new place!

  • TOP –
  • LEGGINGS – Gisela Rimerez
  • BOLERO –
  • SHOES – Unif
  • EARRINGS – c/o

Do you wear leggings as pants at home?