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MBFWA – The Innovators

I think it’s almost fitting that my first official Fashion Week show was ‘The Innovators’. A collection which showcases 6 of the best TAFE graduates. The show started with graduate Kaylene Milner being given a $15 000 cheque, for a Global Mentorship prize. She’ll be taking off to do a 3 month internship with Diane von Furstenburg!


Kaylenes work was remarkable, but not really my style. A lot of Autumn tones, mixing of prints and fabrics. Chunky knits, leather (hide), sheer. 


First thing I noticed of course was the headbands. Later on looking at pictures online, they are what looks to be backward visors, covered with army figurines. Some amazing prints in the collection. A lot of white, accented with bright colours. My favourite outfit from the show was by Carlie, a gorgeous clash of lilac & lime colours. 


Holy amazing beading batman! This collection showcased some amazing embellishments to outfits. Some great colour combos. A good deal many things I’d gladly own, though they make me wonder “How would you wash that!?” 


I think this selection would be the mose ‘wearable’ out of all shown. Perfect print clashing. An amazing black, white & red dress that was spotted and stripped. Flamingo print! 


Male clothing. I honestly don’t know much about male clothing. Very minimal, black, grey, white & cream. Oh, and some had foot braces as footwear. I commented I should have worn my boot. –


Tinseltastic! I have to admit, I kind of loved this collection. I have a weakness for anything sparkily and a lot of the clothing featurued what looks like the lovechild of tinsel & videotape. Another collection that leaves me amazed but also wondering “how do you wash it”.

Images from Couturing & Everguide