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MBFWA – New Gen 2


While I enjoyed Lf Markey, it wasn’t my cup of tea. A little bit too simple for my taste.


Ash to Gold was my favourite from the New Gen show. I loved the colour used, the textures & structure of the pieces. I am so in love with the accessories used for it too, the chunky pyramid cuffs, the pyramid bags and the ankle cuffs. AMAZEBALLS!


My second favourite. The detailing in the dresses were amazing. The harnessing like details on the dresses seem to add a feminine hardness. While I don’t really like autumn colourings, the rust palette a lot of the collection focused on was a great colour. I loved every item of this collection.

Susan Rep

Some great Kaftan / Beach cover ups. A couple of good patterns, but nothing that really ‘hit me’.

Little Gracie

This collection was really cute. It had a very ‘high school formal’ feel. Baby doll dresses in pretty prints, very girly. The above two were my favourite.

Aanchal Chanda

In which I turned to Caitlin and said “Fashion Turban!” (I <3 P’Trique!). While it seems that Kaftan like dresses are the new thing, it all gets a little same-samey to me. This collection was a stand out though in that regards. The colours & prints, mixed with more traditional dresses was great. Detailed beading and shoulder embellishments made it more eye catching. I admit I’m a bit of a magpie and am attracted to shiny sparkly things.


Soft, feminine dresses, nearly all maxi length. Very soft colouring. I quite enjoyed this collection, the two dresses above were the stand outs for me.

Photos from Stylehunter