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Happy 10th Birthday Mr Frodo!

Today, 10 years ago, a little bundle of joy was born into this world and a few weeks later, I’d fall madly in love and soon be a parent. I find it hard to put into words, how much I love Frodo, how much I feel for him, and I think the only way is to say, that I feel very much like a Mother would for their child. Frodo IS my baby. I look at him at times and my heart swells.

I was 16 when Frodo came into my life, I walked past a pet store and BAM! It was like instant recognition, that dog is MY dog. Suffering, at that stage was diagnosed as ‘depression’, my parents ended up letting me get him and I can honestly say that this dog has saved my life many times. When I would get panic attacks, I had a list that I would have to go through, and one of the things was ‘Think happy thoughts, think of Frodo’. Many times I’ve just laid in bed crying while holding him. He is very much my companion.

For those wondering, he’s a Dachshund x Mini Foxie. His full name is Frodo Dobby Baggins. He loves chicken and fish. He would play fetch all day if you gave him the chance & he loves toys that squeak. He dislikes the cold, but loves to wear jumpers. Nicknames include Fro, Frodiddle, lil man, lil man beast. He will pull his lead out of a box and throw it at you if you go to leave without him. He is a lap dog. He suffers from separation anxiety. He’s had two major operations, one on his hind leg and one on his stomach. He’s had minor surgery for his teeth. He is starting to get arthritis in his legs. He has slight bells palsy, which is slightly noticeable in newer photos.

I’m thankful EVERY day for him, he is the love of my life. So Happy Birthday lil man, I hope we can celebrate many more together!