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My room is a mess & my hair is brown!

The main reason at the moment that my blog has been a little slow posting, is because i’m currently trying to unpack & organise all my stuff. I’m not a hoarder, but I have a lot of stuff and trying to go from having a 3 bedroom house to one large room, it’s been a little crazy. On top of that, all my boxes of stuff, which atm include collectibles and clothes are outside. It is undercover, but we’ve been having major rain, so some of my stuff has started to get damp. Eek! I went out today and bought 4 storage tubs (Goodbye $40!), but that will only hold a small amount of my stuff.

It took my best friend of 20 years a moment to recognise me today. She actually recognised my nephew first. Why? Because I have brown hair. I’ve not had brown hair in 10+ years. Brown is actually my natural colour and it’s so weird to see myself this colour again. WHY have I gone back to brown? Well, first off, never fear, the ends will be a bright colour soon enough, but honestly, the upkeep. Or more so the price of upkeep. Seeing as I am growing my hair out and trying to get it longer, it uses more dye. At the length it is I use nearly a whole bottle of product which can cost me anything between $15-$30. I usually dye it every fortnight. In the end, I can’t justify paying it.

I’m also on the job hunt!

How are you!? What have you been up to!?