OOTD – Uninspired.

I’ve been quite uninspired as of late, I guess that’s the thing with depression. Some days I don’t get changed out of my pajamas till way after noon & when I do, it’s just daggy comfortable clothes, with little things to cheer me up, like fluro orange nails, or in today’s case, kitty earrings and a bone hair clip.

The weather was crappy most of this week, dreary & raining, but it’s brightened up this weekend. It’s nice to go sit outside, get some fresh air and sun for a little bit. I try to find a shady spot and will either play with Frodo or play around on my ipad. It’s probably perfect pool weather.

This romper is super comfortable and I can see it being worn often on hot summer days. I’m not a wearer of shorts, but I just thought this was super adorable when I spotted it. I decided to try it on and there was no denying just how comfortable it was, it was on sale for $12, so I bought it. I’m glad I did.

I’ve been missing Henry & the cat I spent time with in New Zealand. Sometimes I wonder how I lived my whole life without a cat, and I’m finding myself yearning for a feline companion. These earrings make me smile, and its tiny things like this that help me get through some of the harder days. I mean c’mon, blue kitties!!

  • ROMPER – Best & Less
  • CARDI – Crossroads
  • EARRINGS – Soyalegato
  • BONE CLIP – Tattooed Zombie Accessories
  • SHOES – Kmart

This week is filled with doctors appointments. Tuesday I have to have a CT scan on my back, as you may remember I hurt my back (here, here). Well, it’s still giving me hell, so the doctor is running more tests to rule out spinal damage. Wish me luck!