Dear ASOS Curve…

I’ve never hidden my love for ASOS Curve. I’ve never had any problems with their clothing or shipping. I think ASOS has made a brilliant step in the right direction with launching Curve. I’m just not so in love at the moment. It’s me & well, the current fashion colours. You see, I look HORRID in orange, chestnut, latte, coral, camel, olive, rust, mushroom, whatever brown/orange concoction you come up with. It makes me look like a zombie. THIS dress, the heart dress with black piping, WHY are the hearts orange? I could probably pull off the dress if you’d made those cute little hearts more of pink! It’s perfection… if only the hearts were a different colour. However, please make some more things in the bellow brilliant blue! I’m also so very in love with the black & white skirt. I still find it a little sad when I log on & hardly find anything I love in the new releases.

Midi Dress | Printed Midi Skirt | Jet Black Skinny Jeans |Pleated Wide Legged Trousers

Isn’t it coming into Summer in the UK? Where are the bright and pretty colours!?!