Style Inspiration – Kristen Stewart

When this goes to post, I’d have had a long day. If all goes to plan, I’ll be up at 6am, on a plane by 9ish and in Sydney by 11. For the Australian Twilight fans, they already know that two of the stars Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner are in Australia to do a whirlwind promo trip of Eclipse. A special event is being held at Sydney’s Luna Park, in which thousands of fans have won tickets to watch the event from big screens outside the big top. A selected few have tickets inside to watch the Q&A. I’m one of them.

┬áKristen Stewart certainly has risen to fame even more from the Twilight saga. She’s aquired a lot of lovers & haters. Myself, I’m on the loving side. I like the fact that she seems to have a bit of attitude. I find it adorable how she seems to get a little flustered when she does interviews. I don’t know, I guess it just makes her seem more ‘human’ to me.

I also love her style. Sure, she’s tiny. When I say tiny, I mean tiny. I’ve seen a couple of her twilight costumes and I’m not even sure one of my thighs would fit in the waistbands of her jeans. But to me, I love watching some of my favourite ‘celebrities’, seeing what they wear & being inspired by it.

Kristen has inspired me to try jeans & a t-shirt, I even have sneakers these days. I’m usually one for dressing up, I like being a girl and wearing dresses. But some days, I don’t feel well and I just want comfort. I never really knew how to ‘work it’. Sounds silly right? You just put on a shirt and some jeans! Yes, but I’ve never been one to wear that, so Kristen inspired me.

Kristen’s everyday wear certainly leans towards the category of comfort! The paps often find her doing her normal routine in jeans and a tee, often tied with a little knot at the side. On her feet are trusted comfy sneakers & a top her head sunglasses!

As for events in which she has to ‘dress up’ a little, Kristen seems to pick short dresses and high heels! They certainly show off her legs, and boy does she have legs! My favourite outfit in the second orange number, when I originally saw pictures from the premiere, I went on a *rightclick-save* frenzy. I love the cut & colour so much!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to update whilst I’m in Sydney, but never fear, I’m only gone a few days! I’ll be home Thursday!