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Quick Pics!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember way back in April, my niece and I had a photoshoot at Studio 2000. Well, on Wednesday I was able to pick up the prints! They amuse me, I don’t know what they did with my hair, but its fun & crazy in a troll doll kind of way 😛

Of course, my niece looked stunning in all her photos. Not surprising, as she is just a natural beauty! (She’ll yell at me for saying that!)

2 new rings that have quickly become favourites! The butterfly one is from Royal Access & the other is from Dangerfield. It’s been dubbed the ‘Me-owl’ ring, as it looks like an owl with kitty ears!

Failed OOTD part 1! City Chic dress & jacket.

Failed OOTD part 2!

Ginny innocently saying “Yes, I was hiding under your pj’s Mum, but noooo, I didn’t just lick the lounge!” She is a strange dog!

Frodo giving me his “Muuum, I reallllly hate the camera” look! You can see his hair is slowly growing back!