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Help out my Mister Frodo!

As I’ve mentioned, my little man-beast Frodo hurt his leg last week, he visited the vet today and was a very good boy. I’m always proud of him at the vets, he just sits there, doesn’t growl or show teeth, just sits & sometimes shakes.

The outcome, while not life threatening, will be costly. It looks as if he has a Cruciate Ligament Rupture. It’s not positive, he shall have to have X-rays to be sure. At the moment, he’s had some blood tests & is on pain killers. I’m to watch him for the next few days, the vet will ring with the blood results early next week and if there is no sign of improvement (which is most likely), he shall have to go in for X-Rays as well as a Dental Procedure.


Otherwise, he’s pretty healthy. Along with the X-rays, he’ll need to have a Dental Procedure. He’s not fond of bones or chew treats, so he’s had some build up on his teeth. I now have to get into the routine of brushing his teeth 3 times a week!!

Now, this isn’t something I would normally do, but in times like this, I feel it’s okay. I’m asking if anyone has a few spare dollars, donations would be greatly appreciated. Below the cut, I have written up all the expenses that was today, and the upcoming X-ray and a little information on my current financial status.  I understand a lot of people can’t afford to donate, as I’m often in that position myself, but anything helps.

 I’d also like to point out, since moving to Adelaide, I’ve found the Adelaide Animal Hospital (Prospect Road) a great place. I’ve taken both my dogs, as well as my mouse Koala (RIP) and have always found them amazing. I highly recommend Dr Chiew Lian Khut.

For more info on donations —

Financial Status – As some may know, I currently live off a disability pension. Due to my mental health problems, I am unable to work a steady job. My partner Adam works Temp. My current weekly income is around $150.  This usually goes towards food shopping, phone bill, putting money in the jar for our electricity bill and if we have a lay by.  (Adam pays the full rent because he is just that awesome!)

With the upcoming expences, money shall be tight. Both out parents shall be helping, so if we all bunch together, it should be fine. Below are the medical costs.


  • Consultation
  • Vaccination
  • Medication (Pain Relief)
  • Injection (Pain Relief)
  • Blood Test




  • Anaesthetics
  • X-Ray
  • Injection (Pain Relief)
  • Fluids Intraoperative
  • Dental Procedure


If the X-Rays come back as positive to Cruciate Ligament Rupture, the best option is to have surgery, the estimated $1200.