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    Current Inspiration

    My style often changes, morphs, evolves. I have a few set styles I always tend to find inspiration from. Goth, Pin Up, Punk. I’ve had coloured hair & piercings for 10 years now. Other then that, I often get inspired by current trends. Below are some images of things I am so very much loving right now. My inspiration. Glasses are by Jono Hennessy.  Dalmation Print shoes are by Penelope & Coco. Crown by Tarina Tarantino. From Emergent Magazine Right is from Beckerman Bite Plate From Lady Melbourne (Who just celebrated her 1000 blog post! CONGRATS!) Image from Through the looking Glass. Bags by Tiia Vanhatapio. Top left hand image is of Nubby…

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    Fun Fashion Meme!

    I was tagged by Sewing Pixieto do this marvelous meme! Thanks for tagging me! It was quite interesting to sit down and actually thing about what inspires me! What’s your favourite fashion accessory? My hair! Is that cheating? It is kind of an accessory! I love the difference a hair colour, or style can make to an outfit! I wear a lot of black and find that the bright coloured hair really helps to brighten me up! Who’s your fashion role model? This is constantly changing. I don’t think I have a really specific fashion role model, I see something I like, I will try to mimic it somehow in…

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    Home Sweet Home

    I’m in a nesting mood, I want to do up my house and make it pretty. I love the house I live in, we’ve been renting it for nearly a year now. It’s great not living under someone else’s roof. Being able to make it your own. Below is some images I’ve gathered that inspire me. My dream is to one day own my own home in which I can do up slowly to exactly how I want it.