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Fashion Outfits

Outfit – Mustard & Lemons! Nyata & Crossroads!

January 27, 2017

This outfit is something different for me. These are colours that I don’t usually wear. Sure, I have my lemon print dress and I do love yellow, but generally I shy away from a lot of yellow/orange/greens/browns. I really love how this outfit turned out though. I wore it out to dinner and was super comfortable the whole evening. Nyata are amazing. I’ve been lucky to see their…


Outfit – Boohoo Bellsleeves!

October 21, 2016

Confession, this top was a spontaneous buy. These days, I try and think through my clothing decisions. Is it something that is different from what I already have? Can I wear it numerous ways? Is it something I would really wear? I didn’t think at all when I found this, I just saw the statement sleeves and off the shoulder design and clicked purchase. I love the shirt…

Fashion Outfits

Outfit – Crossroads Striped Maxi

July 8, 2016

As I mentioned in my last post, I did end up walking out of Crossroads with something. That something was this dress! This was by far my favourite. A midi dress in a striped print. This dress kind of makes me think of the Pyjama trend that is going around, but in dress form. I originally tried on the 22, but sized down to the 20. It’s still…