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Going Green!

March 4, 2020 Hair & Beauty

Greeeeen! Yep, I’m back to being green and I am LOVING it! The past few times I’ve gone and visited Rach we’ve gone various types of rainbows. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having rainbow hair, but it’s nice to be monochrome again. This is the only the 2nd time i’ve gone green but it’s up there with pink being a favourite of mine! My last visit,…

Australia Fire Crisis. Shop small to support Australia.

January 5, 2020 Event

*THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED OFTEN* Australia is on fire. It’s crazy out there, I’ve never seen such devistation. Yeah, we get bushfires here, but this year, it’s worse than ever. So far 19 lives have been lost. 1300 homes. 15 Million acres. 480 Million animals. These fires will cause extinction on some flora and fauna. I’m sure you’ve seen the photos, the videos. I’ve posted on my…

Christmas Dread

December 17, 2019 Personal

Christmas is usually a fun time for me. I’m not a crazy over the top Christmas person, but I do enjoy it. Well, usually. The first Christmas after losing a loved one is hard and I’m honestly dreading this one. The first Christmas after my Nan passed was hard, she was the only person who would happily have a Santa photo with me. We’d go up and she’d…

Lustlist! November edition!

November 22, 2019 Lustlist

Hi! Hello! It’s time for another Lustlist! My last one was in July and I’m still lusting after everything on it, well, except the teddy pinafore because that’s now in my closest! YES! It seems I’m being drawn to skirts right now. The weather is getting warmer and I am here for it!Items with a * at the start are from Australian stores.  Dolls Kill – Miss Wicked…