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Dear Mr Frodo (A year on)

December 2, 2014

Dear Mr Frodo, Today marks a year since you passed away. A year since I last held you, since I smelt you, got kisses, heard your bark. It’s been a year since you struggled to sit up on the vets desk, to lick away my tears, as I said goodbye. A year since I held you, told you that I loved you, that you were THE BEST dog,…

Everyday Personal

Goodbye Mr Frodo

December 3, 2013

RIP Frodo Dobby Baggins 17/07/2002 – 2/12/2013 Yesterday was a hard day. The worst day. I had to say goodbye to my best friend, my baby, or as Caitlin put it, my furry soul mate. Those of you who have followed my blog for a long time will know how much this little man meant to me, and to say that I am devastated would be an understatement.…

Everyday Personal

Happy 10th Birthday Mr Frodo!

July 17, 2012

Today, 10 years ago, a little bundle of joy was born into this world and a few weeks later, I’d fall madly in love and soon be a parent. I find it hard to put into words, how much I love Frodo, how much I feel for him, and I think the only way is to say, that I feel very much like a Mother would for their…