Indigenous Australian & Black Lives Matter Resource Link Up

Note to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers: The links below contain names and images of Indigenous people who have passed.

It’s hard to know the right thing to do at the moment, I recognise my privilege as a white cis female and don’t want to take away any time from the BIPOC community. I do want to share my platform to help. I figured that I’ve shared so much in regards to other matters that sharing a list of resources for BLM and more specifically, those that are close to home, the Australian based information. 

I’m not the first to do this and it’s by far not a fully comprehensive list. Feel free to leave links with more info. I’ve also been sharing what I can on my Instagram. I’ll continue updating this, I just wanted to get it up with info before the protests.

If I’m made any errors, please feel free to correct me. 

Other Compiled Lists & Articles

AUS/US Donations & Resources by Nearvously <— This is the most comprehensive list I’ve come across and definitely something you should check out.
Twitter Thread of First Nation Campaigns by Hayden_seek94
Indigenous Organisations That Need Our Funds by tmiti_
Donate: Support Blak Australians #BLM by Kirapuru
Ways you can help.
Instagram Post by Flex Mami with lots of tagged creators, public figures & entertainers.
List of Anti-Racism books on Goodreads put together by Katie
Anti-Racism Activists to follow on Instagram.
Anti-Racism Podcasts to listen to.

How and why to support Aboriginal Publishers

This Triple J article is also a good read.

Australian Protests

Australian Donations

Educational Links

Share our Pride
Blak Business

 Black & Indigenous Australian businesses

Supply Nation – Supply Nation is a database of verified Indigenous businesses.

Buy Indigenous – Buy Indigenous is a website showcasing Indigenous stores.

Bush Metal Magic
Ginnys Girl Gang
Injalak Artwork (More stuff on etsy)
Clothing the Gap
Tali Katu

Haus Of Dizzy
Something Wild
Bush Medijina
Flex Factory Store
Jarin Street

Mara Swimwear
Gillawarra Arts
Gammin Threads

Earth Blended
Winston Waltford
Bima Wear (Up to size 24)
Sacred Era

Liandri Swim
Bimbi Love
Rachel Sarra
Miimi & Jiinda
Leah Brideson

Not a store, but Aus Indigenous Fashion on Instagram showcases the amazing talent of Indigenous Australians in the fashion scene.

USA based Links & Info