Rocking ASOS pjs as everyday wear!


As soon as I saw THIS pajama set pop on ASOS, I knew it had to be mine. I’ve been trying to shop my own wardrobe and not buy anything new, but I caved with this for two reasons. One, apart from the nighties I bought when I broke my foot, I don’t own other pajamas other then my onesie. I don’t have a need PJs but they can come in handy. Two, I loved the top so much, I figured I could easily wear it as a day to day top. Only people who shop ASOS are going to know it was originally a PJ top!


It’s cool, its soft and oh so comfortable! While there is a current trend in ‘Pajama set’ fashion, that isn’t a look I feel I can pull off, this is my own version. I know a few people who totally rock some Peter Alexander pj’s as everyday wear!


I dressed the top up with some sequined shorts that I’ve had for awhile now, but never worn. I’m not a huge fan of shorts, but I loved these since the get go and when the dropped down so cheap I bought them to try and surprisingly really liked them on! The weather in Melbourne lately has been weird, very cold for the end of Summer, and then as soon as Autumn hit, BAM it’s hot! It’s been over 35 all week.


Now, about my hair. Augh, I miss my long hair, but it really needed the cut. I’m still getting used to styling it, and as I mentioned, it’s been hot. It also happened to be humid when I took these photos, which resulted in the weird puffy mess. I’m still loving the blue though.


Top – From this pajama set | Shorts – ASOS | Shoes – ASOS | Earrings – Neon Heartbreaker


Are you a fan of shorts!?