Rebel Wilson for Torrid – My thoughts and faves!

I don’t often get excited about celebrity clothing collabs, I’m not sure what it is, but I think they are often un-inspired and are played a bit too safe. I was however quite excited to see what the Rebel Wilson for Torrid collection. Firstly, I love Rebel, it’s great to see an Aussie make it over seas, and even more so a plus sized Aussie woman. Secondly, Torrid is a store that has a lot of great alternative pieces. The only downsize is the cost of shipping to Australia.

rebelfortorrid-002Leather Midi Skirt & the Star Tee make the perfect combo!

The selection certainly does have a very Rebel feel. Her name, in a handdrawn grafitti like scrawl features on many items, as well as two character designs, a gangsta koala, and a lion with nail polish on. The clothing has a great mix of items that can be mixed & matched, as well as dressed up of dressed down.

rebelfortorrid-001Faux Leather Pants | Star Sleeve Sweatshirt | Faux Leather Joggers
Charm Necklace | Embellished Sweater | Lace Peplum Dress | Two Finger Ring

This is only a handful of the 30 piece collection and really, I could see myself wearing about 80% of the collection! Make sure you head over to Torrid to view the whole range.


If only this collection came out earlier! Remember that time I dressed up as Rebel for the Aussie Curves ‘Celebrity Copycat’ challenge!? No? You can see that post here!

What is your favourite piece from the collection?