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Outfit – French Pink


Oh hai! It’s me! In an outfit post! It’s been awhile! Also, here be the backyard of #lilpieceofsuburbia, it’s huge! I need to find a good place to take OOTD photos, but in the mean time, I thought this will do. Today I ventured out to a showroom in Richmond (post to come), and had to work with what I had. I haven’t unpacked any of my clothes yet, my built in robe honestly only stores about 20 items, I’m in desperate need of clothing racks.


When I went to Big W the other day, this top I posted about previously here was on sale for $8. It’s for sale on the Big W website now, but sadly not for that sale price. It’s got my normal size 22 for a slightly oversized look because I decided I wanted to tie it at the bottom.


 Normally I’d wear this with different shoes, but well, Melbourne. I’m still getting used to the weather and when I left the house is was cold, dreary and raining. It cleared up during the day but boots were just the sensible option. Also, wahey, an actual outfit post where I am wearing my glasses!!


Top – Big W (22)  | Skirt – Modcloth (2XL) | Cardi – Kmart | Boots – Payless