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In the dressing room – Target


 Last Wednesday, I had some time to spare before meeting up with the wonderful Omega, so I decided to duck into Target and have a look around. I have to say, Target has really stepped up their game. While I didn’t get around to the plus size section, I fell in love with many items from the straight sizes.

Fit & Flare floral skirt – $40 | Floral Panel Top – $25 | I actually really loved the matching top and skirt together, but I don’t feel that fit & flare skirts really suit me. The skirt is in a skuba like material and super comfortable. These were both tried on in a size 18 and the shirt was oversized.


Cropped Pink Jumper – $30 | Cropped everything is in fashion, and I’m LOVING it! This jumper was super comfy, it was a size 18 and a little big around the chest, but fit my arms good. It would certainly fit someone with bigger boobs better. It comes in many colours too, like this awesome neon lime!


Striped Crop Top – $30 | LOVED this, but I probably would have preferred it if it was a size larger. It was a size 18 but very fitted.


Leather Look Panel Top – $30 | Oversized leather look top, only the front is that material, the back is a stretchy light material. The jumper on the right is what I nearly bought, only to realise, I couldn’t reallllly afford it. It was super comfy, I mean SUPER comfy, and warm, plus it had a cute bunny on it!

Have you picked up anything awesome lately?