Thoughts, mottos, musings.


As i’ve mentioned 2013 is my year, i’ve been trying to put into action some new things, and keeping up some old ways of thinking that have helped me out in the past year, so I thought i’d take a moment to share. Now, I’m no expert, frankly, i’m pretty effed up in the head, these aren’t proven techniques, but just think about them.

SURROUND YOURSELF IN HAPPINESS. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s one thing I’ve been trying to do lately and it helps. If something isn’t making you happy, don’t do it. If someone is bring you down, you don’t need them. Sure, every situation is different, but if you sit down and take a moment to ask yourself a few questions, it can help put things in perspective. Do I need to be doing this? Do I need to be in this position? Will cutting this out of my life make my life easier, happier? There are everyday things that we do that we don’t always like, doing the dishes, exercise, going to work, these things are part of your life and while they don’t make you happy they achieve a positive end goal. An unhappy relationship, a job that makes you suicidal, saying yes to something you don’t want to do, these are things that you need to take a 2nd look at.

ACCEPT YOURSELF AND BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE. Believe it or not, I’ve not always accepted myself, or been who I wanted to be. I’ve always been quite open about playing with my coloured hair, my piercings, but I still get insecure. I didn’t start accepting my body until a few years ago. I still don’t always dress how I want, I still often cave to what I think society expects, but this year i’m trying to embrace who I want to be, inside and out.

SIMPLICITY. I want a simple life, I want stress free, easy going, argument free life. We don’t always get what we want, but why can’t we try? Don’t sweat the small things, remember to breathe and take a moment to think before you jump to conclusions. If you are unsure of something, don’t dwell on it, work up the courage and talk about it, might not like what you hear, but it also may be better then the unknown. Learn that some things are out of your control. Learn to forgive.


THINK POSITIVE, NOT NEGATIVE. This is hard for me, I always think negatively, especially of myself. Instead of thinking “It’s too hard” think “This is something I can overcome, maybe i should look at it from a different angle”. It doesn’t always work, and it’s sometimes easy to fall victim to negative thinking, but sometimes it does wonders.

KEEP YOUR HEART OPEN. This one is scary, so scary because heart break is one of the most painful things ever, but don’t close yourself off fully. I’m not saying race into every possible new relationship, but don’t close yourself off. Love is one of the most magical things that we can feel, that we can share, it can make you the most happiest person in the world, it can make your life fulfilled. Do not close yourself off to the opportunity.

YOU ARE NOT PERFECT. No one is. NO ONE. You WILL make mistakes, but try to learn from them, and try not to make a habit of repeating them.

There are so many things I’ve been trying to keep in mind. Be the best you can be. Be nice. Don’t lie. Smile, laugh, sing. Take at least a minute a day to think about who you are and what you want from life.

Do you have a life motto? Do you have any wisdom to share?