The ABC’s of me!


I don’t often do meme’s that I get tagged in, but seeing as I haven’t done one in awhile, and I do enjoy reading & learning things about other bloggers I though I’d do this one that Mel tagged me in!

Attached or single
Single! While I get a bit lonely at times, I’m actually quite enjoy being single. I’ve started dipping my toes in to the crazy, crazy world of dating though.

Best Friend
Hrm. Lou, Natalie & DC. It’s hard to kind of choose.

Cake or pie

Day of choice

Essential item?
My iPad.

Favourite Colour

Gummy bears or worms
Gummy bears, but I love sour worms!

Sydney! I consider my ‘home suburb’ as Seven Hills as that is where I spent most of my time growing up.

Clothes & shoes!

January or July
January! As you may have noticed, July is a month full of bad memories.

2 precious fur babies that live with me. (And two that live with my ex)

Life isn’t complete without …
Those fur babies. <3

Marriage date

What’s happend to the N? Lost?
I stole it.

Oranges or Apples
Apples! But I have a hard time eating them with my lip rings & can never be bothered cutting them up.


Okay, so spiders, dentists, clowns, tornadoes & needles.


From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them & that is eternity. -Edvard Munch

Reasons to smile
I’m alive. My kitchen is nearly finished. Mr Frodo & Tonka.

Season of choice

Tag 5 people
I’m not a fan of tagging people, if you want to do it, do it!

Unknown fact about me
I’m not sure, honestly, i’m pretty open about most things! My birthmark is on my back, when I was born it was bright red & my parents thought when I was older I may decide to get cosmetic surgery on it. These days, you can’t even see it, but you can feel that the skin is a slightly different texture.

Yes please! I’m a vege fan over salads, but I quite like some fruits. I <3 pumpkin, but think peas are the devils food.

Worst habit
When I get anxious I pick at my scalp.

X-Ray or Ultrasound
Eh, neither bother me too much. I’ve had around 30 x-rays in my life, and probably 10 ultrasounds. Maybe more of both. And 2 ct scans.

Your favourite food

Zodiac sign