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Outfit – Green!


I posted about this dress on facebook when it was first released, confessing my love for it. Floral, tulle, a gorgeous green colour, (though also available in a coral colour) it just screamed ‘BUY ME’. I resisted the urge. I’m getting better at my impulsive spending, and at $135, I just couldn’t justify

I guess you can see, I ended up caving and buying it! Only after it went on sale for $65 and then a coupon came out for an extra 10% off sale items. Sometimes, it’s good to wait. I posted a quick preview picture on facebook when it arrived, but I wanted to take some proper photos to show off just how pretty the dress actually

I hadn’t planned the matching nails, but it worked out well! For someone who has never been a fan of green, I’ve been loving this lime green that’s been in fashion. I have a suitcase & bed coverlet in the same colour!

This summer i’m trying to embrace the body love even more and go out without a long sleeve top/ cardigan. I’m going to show off my flabby arms & try not to give 2 hoots about it. Australian summers are HOT, and as I’ve traveled along this body love journey, I’ve realised I shouldn’t feel ashamed, worried, or scared to bare my arms, no matter how squidgy and roly they are. They are just arms & they are an important part of me. I’m not going to hide them away anymore.


Dress – ASOS | Belt – ASOS | Shoes – Rubi Shoes
Nail Polish – O.P.I in “Who the Shrek are you?”