Everyday,  Personal

I am….


Extrememly hard on myself. I really am my own worst enemy. I always think I could be doing more. Being better. Just, more. I need to learn that I always do my best, try my best, and that that is enough.

Way too empathetic. I feel so much, and for other people. People I don’t even know. Things I have no control over. The current bushfires have my heart aching. I like to think that fact I care makes me a good person, but it’s draining.


A shoe addict. I love shoes, I have way too many shoes, shoes that I don’t even wear. I consider them a bit like art.

An introvert. Sure, I can be quite chatty and fun when I need to be, but it takes so much out of me. I enjoy my alone time. THIS is a brilliant guide to understanding introverts.

A lover, not a fighter. All the way. I dislike yelling and arguments. I’ve never hit anyone. The worst thing I have ever done was throw a tub of yogurt over my school bully of numerous years. I believe in talking.


An animal lover. I tend to like animals more then humans. I don’t think I could live without an animal in my life. I could easily surround myself with animals if I knew that they would get the level of love and care that they’d need.

Fat. I have no problems saying that I’m fat, because I AM fat. If you correct me and say “No, you’re not”, i’m just going to look at you as if to say “What, are you blind? Shall I fetch you your glasses?”. I don’t see fat as a bad word, it’s the context it’s used in.

An Artist. I always feel weird calling myself an artist, like I don’t ‘deserve’ the title. Maybe I should say creative? I write, I draw, I paint. I have to let out my energy, my emotions. I scrapbook, I quill, I cross stitch.


Silly & clumsy. I can be extremely silly at times. I like to make weird sounds, and sing loudly, though I don’t know if should actually count as ‘singing’. I am also clumsy, I’ve owned two sets of crutches in my life because I’d constantly sprain my ankle when I was younger.

Insecure. I worry about everything, I have major cases of self doubt. Believing in myself comes very hard for me, it’s another thing I’m working on.


An Auntie. 7 times. Not to mention, a great-Aunt 3 times.

Not a very good friend. I have a lot of trust issues from my past & find it hard making new friendships. I tend to be quite withdrawn. I find it hard ‘keeping in contact’ with friends and it’s something I need to work on. Despite that, I love my friends, and would move the stars to help them.

Recovering Recovered self injurer & bulimic. It is still something I struggle with at times, but I have come a hell of a long way over the years.


Emotional. Though I tend to always be aware of what exactly it is I am feeling, I often get overwhelmed with emotions. It’s part of having BPD I guess. However, I am quite proud at how I handle myself. While I am emotional, I think I tend to be a lot calmer and level headed then most people when they are emotional.

Human. And I need to be luu-uuuh-ved, just like everybody else does….