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Goodbye Emily.


On Tuesday I lost a family member, a sister, a best friend, a precious animal. On Tuesday  our dear Emily passed away and I’m still not sure if I’ve really processed it yet. I’ve not had to deal so close with the loss of an animal so close to me. When Bayley passed away I cried and cried, but I was in Adelaide and away from it all, not right in the thick of it. I walk out of my room and expect to have to step over her, but like a punch to the gut I remember, she’s not here.


It was somewhat expected. She’s not been well for, well, nearly all the time my parents have had her. They rescued her from a breeder who no longer wanted her as she’d had so many litters already. She was so scared of everything. I would only see her every 6-12 months and the changes I witnessed in her were amazing. I’m so happy my parents adopted her. I am so glad to know that she spent the last few years of her life being spoiled and shown so much love.


Like a lot of Cavis, she had heart problems. She’d been in heart failure for awhile and was on the last set of meds that she could be given.  One of the reasons we moved house was to help her, the stairs at the old place were too much. The reason my parents got Betsy was for Emily. The mix of the new house and Betsy gave her an extra few months. She wasn’t in pain. She went down hill so fast though. 11am my parents took her to the vet, he explained he didn’t think she’d last the day, to take her home and give her all the love we could.


I laid on the floor with her for half an hour before my parents took her back to the vets at 4pm. I patted her, held her and I told her how much I loved her. She was pretty much out of it by then. I gave her a kiss and stayed waiting with Frodo, Betsy and Tonka to see if she would come home. She didn’t. Her oxygen rate was low, she wasn’t responding, she just wanted to sleep. So we let her sleep, and now she’s gone. She’s now with Bayley, surely watching over us and thinking we are silly shedding so many tears over her.

Bye Bye MooMoo. Your sissy loves you so much.