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Can you help my face?

maybe02That there is my skin. No photoshop, no lighting, just re-sized.

It’s been a long time since my skin has been so temperamental. I’ve always had reasonably good skin, when I get stressed of depressed I may break out a little (I am currently both), but I also think ageing has something to do with it. I don’t really do much with my skin, I cleanse &  moisturise every three days. I hardly ever wear make up.

So this is where I ask you, for your help & suggestions!

Most of my skin is normal, however my “t-zone” is dry. If I break out, it’s only ever on my forehead or chin. I’ve started to get a bit of a red area near my jaw line, and my cheeks are quite rosy. As you can see, my pigmentation has become a bit splotchy.

I know it’s more a matter of trial & error at finding what’s right for you, but any suggestions would be much appreciated! Oh, and yes, I’ve started drinking more water in the past week or so đŸ˜›