Aussie Curves – Texture

blackmilk-01This weeks Aussie Curves theme was texture, I was looking through my wardrobe looking at my clothes thinking “hmm, isn’t any fabric basically a texture?”. I couldn’t decide what I should wear. Then I was hit with inspiration, you see, I am a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan, if you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know that. Well, today Aussie label Black Milk released their Lord of the Ring/The Hobbit pieces and I’ve seen a few ladies wondering about the sizing.
blackmilk-02I’ve lusted after MANY Black Milk pieces and was always sad because they stop at a size L (They are apparently trying to extend sizes to an XL, some leggings are already available in XL), but looking at the sizing chart, I didn’t think any would fit me. I’d talked to a few ladies on Instagram, and when the after Christmas sales popped up, I bit the bullet and bought the Police Box Dress.
blackmilk-03It’s SO pretty, but that may just be because I love Doctor Who 😛 I actually have it hanging up in my bedroom on display. Below i’ve taken some pictures of how it looks on MY body. I’m generally a size 20-22, if you want my measurements let me know and I’ll try to find my tape. Does it fit me? Yes, it’s super stretchy. However, it is TIGHT, it’s good in the fact it does kind of ‘hold you in’, but as you can see it’s like a second skin. I am wearing a bra under this, and in the first picture on the left you can kind of make out my underwear lines.
blackmilk-05Personally, I don’t have the confidence to pull it off as a dress. Seeing as it stretches across to fit my body it makes it super short. I do however wear it styled like I have for this post. I don’t think the print warps too much due to the stretching, and the material seems to pop back into place after wear.

Dress – Black Milk | Cardigan – Crossroads | Skirt – ASOS | Shoes – Fiebiger
blackmilk-06Any haters can suuuuuck it 😛
aussieoutfit-05 disc02