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Aussie Curves – Ruffles

July 25, 2013


Ruffffles!! Seeing I’d only worn my favourite ruffled item of clothing recently, I dug into my wardrobe for something a little different. One thing I’ve really enjoyed about Aussie Curves is that it’s making me think outside the box (or, if you’re a Doctor Who fan like me, inside the box, because it’s bigger on the inside).


This is a city chic skirt from yeaaars ago and it really doesn’t get the amount of love it should do. I find it a really hard piece to style actually, but I did my best!



I love these shoes, but alas, they are a bit of a pain to walk in. I’m really missing wearing heels, so I’m slowly trying to get used to wearing them again. It’s been over a year since I broke my foot but it still seems to not want me wearing heels! DAMMIT!


Top – ASOS | Skirt – City Chic | Cardigan – Rockmans | Necklace – Colette | Shoes – ASOS

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  • Rachel T

    You won’t ever see me in heels… But OMG those shoes are to die for! I love this outfit on you, you look fab! I think it’s official, I have a girl crush on you 😛

  • Trees

    I love that skirt – I can see how it would be a little hard to style, but it is adorable. Love the shoes, but heels hate me for no reason (oh there is a reason, I have zero balance so always fall over wearing them).

  • SpiikerKat

    you are so cute! I love the sparkly waist band on the skirt, never seen anything like it!

  • Grace Wright

    I have this skirt too! I found it really hard to style as well. You look great!

  • That skirt is so perfect for you. You look so dainty. 🙂

  • That skirt looks great on you! And those shoes!! x

  • Nessbow

    You look sensational in that outfit!

  • That skirt is amazing! So pretty.

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks sweety!

  • The shoes are amaaaazing!

  • Aw thank you! I never thought i’d hear myself being referred to as dainty, but Ihave to admit, the skirt and the pointy laced up shoes made be feel a bit like a ballerina!

  • Thank you! It’s not an easy one to style, I think if it was a bit longer and I could wear it up a little higher it would work better.

  • The sparkly waist bands is one of the reasons why I loved it so much!

  • Oh, these shoes are not easy to walk in! Even my litas and that are easier to walk in then these, they’re more steep in person then I expected, so these shoes are a ‘sit down dinner’ kind of shoe where there is litttttle walking. I tend to be clumsy too, and after breaking my foot it doesn’t like heels even more, but i do miss wearing them cause they look so pretty!

  • Aww, thank you! 😀 YAY for girl crushes! <3

  • Ooooo cute skirt! Love, love this outfit on you lady.

  • diva

    Actually it looks good on your figure its match with it totally awesome……..http://www.plussizerus.com.au/

  • Cute look. Love your legs. 🙂 ? xoxo