Aussie Curves – Feathers

aussiecurves-feathers-03I was stumped for this weeks #aussiecurves theme, feathers! I have one item of jewellery that combines feathers, but I’d already rocked them for the Bling theme. Then randomly last night I remembered, I HAD LEAF BROOCHES! Yes, my epic box of badges and brooches finally came in handy!
aussiecurves-feathers-04I bought this set of 3 leather leaf badges late 2011 on etsy and actually haven’t worn them! I remember that the artist who made them was having a sale and all proceeds went to helping her pet rat have surgery, and well, you know me, I’m a sucker for any animal.

I actually really like how this outfit came together, but didn’t end up wearing it out. 5 minutes before I left I decided i’d be too hot in it & quickly changed into a dress. The weather was on the cool side today, but with a visit to my psych I knew he’d probably have me triggering anxiety attacks.

I’ve been trying to embrace pencil skirts lately, I LOVE them, but usually on other people (Yes Suger, I’m talking about you!) I tend to get put off by my VBO, but as someone who promotes plus size positivity I figured this year I’m going to push myself to accept ALL of me. My flabby arms, my VBO, the whole she-bang. Though i’m easing into it, as you can see, i’m wearing a flowy top. Baby steps.

aussiecurves-feathers-02Singlet – Target | Vest – City Chic | Cardi – Rockmans | Skirt – ASOS Curve | Shoes – Kmart
Brooches –┬áThe Triangle of Bears on Etsy