A day in the life…


I’ve seen a few blogs dedicate a post to show off pictures from their day. I decided to jump on the bag wagon and do one myself. Luckily I picked a day that involved me actually getting out of the house, otherwise it would have been a very short, and dreadfully boring post!

9am wake up. When I wake up, I take the time to give Frodo pats and play with him, as well as give Tonka some rubs and attention. It’s a nice way to wake up. Frodo and Tonka both sleep on the bed with me, Tonka usually under the covers.


Shower. Then I figure out what to wear for the day (You can see my OOTD from this day HERE), and put on my war paint, a.k.a make up. I am horrible at eating breakfast, for what is supposed to be the ‘most important meal of the day’ I often forget to eat it. The elevator in Penrith was rather fancy, all mirrored with fancy decorative scratches.


First stop of the day, VOTING. My parents are going away, so they decided to vote early, I decided to do that too, as knowing me, I’ll forget and it is mandatory to vote here in Australia. I didn’t want to risk getting fined. Thank heavens for early voting booths.


I couldn’t resist ducking into the shoe shed. I was very well behaved and didn’t buy anything, as I’m saving for my Melbourne trip in November, but oh, I could have walked away with at least 3 pairs. THESE were my favourites, but they didn’t have them in my size instore. I notice they do online though. Uh oh.


Off to the local supermarket!


Whilst picking up a few last minute things before my parents go away, I managed to break my nail. OW! They were in desperate need of a manicure too. Picked up my scripts. Arrived home, only to find blood ALLLL over the kitchen. No pictures because my brain went into damage control. Clean floor, which dog is bleeding, what happened!? Turns out Mr Frodo hurt his toe, so off to the vet it was.


Turns out he basically ripped his toenail off, but it was still attached, so he had to have a mini surgery. He was such a good boy. I’d like to take a minute to just say how much I LOVE our vets. We go to South Penrith Vet Clinic, and honestly, it’s the best vet I’ve been too. Mr Frodo and Tonka usually see Jane, and the vet nurses Katherine & Robyn are kind, loving, comforting and very friendly. I’ve never felt so comfortable going to a vet before, it’s kind of just like ducking around to a friends house. I think my animals pick up on how comfortable I am there too, which helps.


The toe nail in question. Disgusting right!? Toy time! I’d picked up a new toy for both Frodo and Tonka earlier in the day. Tonka loves his toys and prefers anything with feathers. Then time to do some work. You can see frodo in the background chomping away on his toy trying to destroy the squeaker!


My brother came over to visit with my niece and nephew, which led to epic Aussie play time and lots of laughs and smiles. I feel incredibly lucky to have my family, which includes 7 nieces and nephews, as well as 3 great-nieces and nephews. Yep, i’m a Great Aunt.


Frodo looking a little sorry for himself with the toy he got for Christmas. You can see his back leg is all bandaged up from his earlier ordeal. 5:30pm is when the animals start getting antsy for dinner. Well, they usually start around 5, but they know they don’t get fed to 5:30. I then ate my dinner. I must have been too hungry because I didn’t snap any pictures of my food that day! After dinner it was time to sit down and watch my favourite TV show, The Almighty Johnsons. It was a great episode as it had lots of scenes with my favourite characters. TY!! <3


And Colin/Loki! Look at that face. I have to admit to having a bit of a ‘celebrity man crush’ on Shane Cortese. Of course, my day is not complete until I play some songpop. I’m a little addicted! ┬áThen I spent the next couple of hours video chatting with a friend. Yay for technology! I then promptly fell asleep!

So, that was my Friday, 23rd of August, 2013!