OOTD: Not my normal colours!

If you had shown me this picture of myself a year or two ago, I wouldn’t have believed my eyes. First point, pants! Not just pants, but jeans. Second point. The colours. You may have noticed, that while i’ve embraced colours lately, they have been pinks, blues, purples. Apart from the yellow I’ve started to love, most of the colours are very pretty feminine, often pastel colours. I don’t like brown, I spent 95% of my school years having to wear it, and most autumn colours just aren’t me. So, it’s really odd that this whole outfit came about.

My friend Lou gave me these jeans, there were to big on her, and well, I don’t really like green, I kind of fell in love with them anyway. I don’t think they look too bad on, for pants. I spotted the blouse out shopping, a burgundy with creamy tan diamonds on it, oh & it’s completely sheer! I spotted the feather vest a few aisles over. It’s a little small, doesn’t do up properly, but I loved it undone just thrown over the top. My mother encouraged me to buy it, so that if I get sick of it, she can have it.

I decided to put my TS14+ vest on underneath the feather vest, just for some extra texture. I’ve been trying to play around with different textures and fabrics as of late. The Melissa shoes matched the blouse perfectly. I got the shoes last year for $3! Can you believe that! I walked into a 2nd hand store, spotted them, knew instantly they were Melissa shoes and THEY WERE IN MY SIZE. I nearly cried, it’s true.

  • JEANS – From my friend Lou via ASOS – UK 20
  • SHEER BLOUSE – Target – Size 18
  • PLEATHER VEST – TS14+ – 20
  • FEATHER VEST – Target – Size XL
  • SHOES – Melissa
  • RING/BRACELET – c/o Autograph