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Family & Quick Pics

Emotionally I’ve been pretty depressed. Close to 4 weeks straight of having your periods can do that to you. Don’t worry, i’m going to the doctors next week. Instead of doing things that I really should have today, like taking Frodo to the vet and packing for #nnb2012?, I spent the day with my sister & later, my nephew. Sometimes it hits me hard how big Calebs grown, it only feels like a few years ago I held my sisters hand as he came into the world. Today, I watched him receive a certificate and medal, along with his orange belt in karate. We then went out & had Chinese for dinner. Caleb had never had fried ice cream before so he had no idea what he was expecting when it came out.

My sisters cat Bella | My sisters dog Charlie licking my ear | Me | Relaxing bath time.
Frodo & Emily
| Sleeping with Snape | Too many clothes | Fingerless gloves FTW.
Yummy lunch | Pond | Frodo loves boxes | Beard envy.

Boo to the day | Make up fun | Sleeping with the Salvatore bro’s | Yummy Lunch
Jessa from girls = LOVE | Frodo also = LOVE | Flashback Friday | Frodo zonked out on my clothes
Waiting for my psych | Frodo & Emily | Awkward Frodo | Waiting for my psych II

Sinking slowly | Flashback Friday | T-Rex | It’s a dinosaur apocalypse!
Watching some 5ive! I <3 Ritchie!! | Funny Faces | My youngest nephew is a poser | Emmy

Tomorrow I head off to the city to spend the next two nights in a hotel with Suger Coat It, Octavia & Vicky, as well as The Surprise Beginning! On Saturday i’m off to attend Blogopolis!