The Darling Den – Living Room / Kitchen / Office

I’m starting to freak out. In 2 weeks we get the keys to the new place, and I feel like I have 10972310973 things to do. In my head, i’ve been trying to figure out how i’m going to organise everything. How will I fit everything? What do I need to buy? What kind of lounge do I need? Will the bench in the kitchen move?

As a refresher, you can see the room I’m talking about in this post HERE. In the main room I need to fit the kitchen area, a full fridge, and storage space for food/cookware. I need a lounge, a place to put my TV, storage for all of my stuff, and a desk so I can do my work. I’ve come to accept I won’t have a dining area.

The above picture from Ikea has given me some more ideas, but damn have I hit an inspiration block. It doesn’t help that i’m working on a super limited budget. I’ll probably borrow my Mums lounge for a bit, but in the long run, I think it will be too big for the space. Oh, and my current desk is falling apart. The draw dropped out and really hurt my previously fractured wrist.

My whole family is sick too, so my idea of hunting around op shops hasn’t had the chance to go forward. I keep telling myself to breathe, it will all come together. I need to be thankful for everything and stop being such a perfectionist. Oh, don’t even get me started on paint. This is when Bunnings need to step in and offer to sponsor me.

Left is a mock up my sister made for me of the kitchen area, on how we are hoping to put it together. Without the window though.

So, do you have any tips or tricks for moving? Any ideas on how to do my lounge/office/kitchen area? Know the PR department for an awesome furniture company?

Images used can be found on my pinterest.